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Got the Beauty Blues?

In our last post we discussed how your current wardrobe could be giving you the winter blues.  If that isn’t the case and you are still feeling down in the dumps, then it could be that your beauty regime has gone a bit stale.  Do you look at your face in the mirror and think “I look blah” or  “I am not excited about what I see?”  Then you may have the beauty blues.  Don’t fret.  This is all too typical of the way many women feel this time of year.  Your skin is pale and dry.  And for many we opt to stay comfy cozy inside; so we don’t put much effort into dolling ourselves up.  However, we say it is time to fight those beauty blues and start spicing up that beauty routine a bit with a few of our favorite products below.  You’ll want to look at your face twice in the mirror!

Beauty Blues

1. Cle de Peau foundation and concealer – The foundation is effortless and evens out the skin perfectly. The concealer makes you look like you’ve been sleeping for 10 hours instead of 3. Foundation $120, Concealer $70,

2.  Bobbi Brown lip gloss – With 18 colors to chose from, this sheer gloss is moisturizing, soothing, and gives your lips just that right amount of pop. $25,

3. Make Up For Ever aqua black eye shadow (liner) – Use this waterproof shadow for eyeliner. It is super easy to apply with a brush, glides on smoothly, and will last you through the whole day. $23,

4.  Nars bronzing powder.  This is the perfect product for adding a bit of color to your skin.  Brush it on just under your cheek bones, forehead, and jawline for a healthy glow.  $38,

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