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Long Lashes

Everyone is always asking me how to achieve those long, full, amazing long lashes.  I have two answers.  One is get Extreme lash extensions which are amazing!  You can read more about my experience with them in my LiveLoveLash blog.  The second trick I currently swear by to get long lashes and tell all my clients.  You start with an eyelash curler, then apply Lancome CLS Booster which is a lash primer that goes on white and finally add mascara and my favorite is MAC ‘False Lash’ Mascara in Black.  I have been doing this combination for awhile and people often ask me if my lashes are fake because they look so good.

Let me know how it works for you.





Top Picture: L – Extreme Lashes R – natural lashes with nothing on
Bottom Picture: My favorite products

lashes 2



Elf Eyelash curler, Target, $1.00
Lancome CILS Booster $25.00
MAC ‘False Lashes’ Mascara $22.00

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