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" /> October Client Spotlight - The Style Studio by Keri Blair

October Client Spotlight

Annemarie Milisen


Owner and Lead Consultant of BEACON for Balance,
Nutrition Coaching and Consulting
KBIE client for 2 years

What’s your clothing item/accessory must-have of the moment? 

“Black leather full length calf boots.”

Why did you decide to use KBIE?  

“I knew a few people that had worked with KBIE previously. Each one spoke highly of KBIE, and credited Keri with being able to support them in finding ‘their style’.  I knew I had to work with her…”

How did you feel about your style before you went to KBIE?  

“Before working with KBIE, I didn’t know what my style was.  I would wear a lot of black clothes.  Often with a cropped blazer over the top – which just made me look like a box.  Or I would wear something I thought was flattering because it tied at my waist. Yet it hit at the wrong point on my hips so I looked like a bell. Truthfully, I was hiding. And waiting for my body to be something other than it was. I was always waiting for that extra weight to drop. Which it didn’t.  I was unhappy. And dissatisfied.  Nothing ever really fit – especially my pants.  I was always searching for the ‘perfect pair’.  And had been doing that for about 20 years. “

And now?  

“Now, I am a woman that honors my body.  All of it. And most importantly, I have stopped hiding.  I shared with Keri my desire to embody a certain sexy and feminine confidence. Both in my personal world, and professionally. I was tired of wearing black boxy things. Now, rather than hiding them…I celebrate that I have curves, and I dress in a way that tastefully accentuates them. Interesting to note, the day I started wearing clothes that flattered my figure, I looked like I had dropped 2 dress sizes.” 

Why is it important to you to look amazing everyday?  

“Both personally and professionally, how I dress, look, and feel is a critical piece of my branding. It’s essential that the outside match what I embody on the inside.”

 Can you tell us about your experience working with KBIE?  

“Mind-blowing and life altering. I never could have anticipated the value of working with KBIE. Clothes, shoes, makeup, hairstyle, jewelry, tips about how to dress, why certain things work on my body…all of these things have been eye-opening and mind blowing. Yet beyond these physical things, my entire view of my body and who I am as a woman has altered. An unexpected result is that I am now someone that gives other women permission to honor and celebrate their bodies.”

What would you say is the biggest change in your life, after using KBIE?

“Now when I step out into the world as a woman and a business owner, rather than hiding my body and its beauty, I embody a level of confidence and clarity.”

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