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Things I Learned This Week

We are smack dab in the middle of shopping for all of our clients’ spring wardrobes and it has been quite a week.  I’d thought I’d share some things I learned this week which make Amanda and I laugh.


1.  It is exhausting to shop everyday in high heels.  Somehow I always feel better when I’m taller as I’m only 5’4″ but, wow, this was a painful lesson to re-learn.  Needless to say I went back through our Cute Comfortable Sandals blog and purchased a few so I can be cute and comfortable shopping next week!

Cute comfortable sandals

2.  I have some of the most amazing clients ever that make my job fun and fulfilling.  I truly am grateful everyday when I go to work because I get to dress women and men that I absolutely love being around.


3.  The Apple watch rocks.  One of my clients wore her new Apple watch to the studio this week and it was really cool.

4.  Stress ensues 2 months before your wedding day… just ask Amanda.  The funny thing is she thought everything was fine and she was done planning everything.  The big day is July 4th.

5.  Always have champagne on hand.  This is my mantra.  Clients always appreciate being able to celebrate their new wardrobes with a little bubbly and it also helps Amanda and I get through some really long days.  Everyday is a reason to celebrate!



Purchase some here.

6.  Everyone wants to know about swimsuits; blog post to come.

7.  Women everywhere are coveting Alicia Florrick’s look.  I am an avid fan of The Good Wife and have always admired their clothing so I appreciate that in the past several weeks, many clients have been asking for her style.


Photo taken from US Weekly see more here.

8.  Having a signature look can save you a lot of time when you’re rushed.  This week it has been incredibly easy to rush out of the door each morning because I just know what to wear in a pinch.  See our blog on Creating A Signature Style.

signature style

I hope you have had an amazing week.  What did you learn this week?


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