3 Best Fitting Pants for Women


Pants_FeaturedImageHow fabulous would it be if someone could tell you the 3 best fitting pants for women? A pair of pants that flatter the bum just as much as the thighs regardless of weight and size? Well good news my dear, I’ve found three pair of pants that really are flattering for just about each body type out there. I’ve even categorized them from casual to business casual to business so you can easily pick which ones you’ll be wearing for what occasion. I not only recommend them to my clients, but I personally wear these myself. They’re comfortable, flattering and perfect year round!



The Best Pants for Every Woman
XCVI Monte Carlo Pant, $98.00
Lilla P Embroidered Slub High-Low Tank Top, $78.00
Yellow Box Sandals, $48.00

XCVI pants are by far one of my favorite pair of casual pants. These Monte Carlo ones are no exception from this amazing brand. Pair this with a cute white top with little print or a vibrant tank and throw on a quick cardigan to go out for groceries or a walk in the park with your little one. Just because you’re going for comfort doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your look. These pants are also very flattering as they sit on just the right areas of your hips. It provides room for your skin to breathe and the pockets plus ruching are a nice touch to camouflaging any unwanted bulk.

Business Casual

The Best Pants for Every Woman

Lisette True Straight, $116.00
Vince Camuto Pleat V-Neck Blouse, $69.00
Calvin Klein Gold Strap Heels, $99.00

These are a pair I own and have continually recommended to my clients, all whom are devoted fans. Lisettes have a tendency to nip unwanted fat in and make your legs appear long and lean. These black True Straights are one I would highly recommend trying. Pair this with a gorgeous colored top to get in the spring spirit. Keep it light and vibrant to stand out but sophisticated to keep within HR policy.


The Best Pants for Every WomanTrina Turk Jacoba Pant, $258.00
Calvin Klein Sleeveless Print Woven Front Shell, $59.50
Halogen Zip Pocket Open Jacket, $98.00
Stuart Weitzman Black Pumps, $365.00

For workwear, how can I not choose Trina Turk as the best go-to business pants for any woman? She does such an amazing job creating pants that fit the majority of body types. These Jacoba pants (which also comes in a variety of color including magenta for all you rebels and fashion risk takers), have the perfect flare at the bottom which is great for balance with women who have larger hips and thighs. These pants are fabulous and sleek so add a chic top to complement and a blazer to solidify the look and get ready to take over that board meeting.

Finding the right pants and trousers can be quite a hassle. However, try these three brands and you might just have your problem solved!



  1. Hi Aleeha,

    Thank you for checking out the post and I agree that it’s nice to have a few flattering pants that aren’t always skinny. It’s good to have variation for different occasions and looks.


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