5 Ways to Spice Up That Little Black Dress

It’s pretty safe to say that the little black dress can be found in almost every woman’s closet. (If it isn’t we recommend snatching one up soon.) Due to its simplicity, this type of dress often goes unnoticed.  Considered a woman’s wardrobe staple, the little black dress is probably stuffed in the back of your closet and anxiously waiting to be worn to the next job interview or funeral. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to wait for a “particular” occasion to break it out.  Spice the dress up a bit and wear proudly for a date, black-tie wedding, cocktail party, or night out with the girls.  Below are five key ways to take your dress from plain and boring to va va voom!

1.  Bold or colorful shoes

2.  Chunky necklace

3.  Bright jacket/blazer

4.  Texturized or decorative belt

5. Shorten the length of the dress if long

Black Dress
Kenneth Cole, $138, Bloomingdales.com
Assad Mounser, $708, Charmandchain.com
Oscar de la Renta, $650, Bergdorfgoodman.com
Michael Kors, $395, Zapposcouture.com



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