About the Style Studio by KB

The Style Studio by KB is the premier destination for all things beautiful created by Fashion Stylist Keri Blair for the everyday woman. We’re committed to elevating your image with our fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips.

About Keri Blair

“Our confidence is directly linked to our image and how we present ourselves. When you feel amazing everyday, you’ll often find that the results you were seeking simply show up.”

Keri Blair lives in Denver with her husband Ken, almost 4 year old daughter Stella, and dog Riley. She is a nationally recognized Personal Stylist and Image Consultant who prides herself on making a profound difference in people’s lives. “For me, it’s not simply about how you look, what’s more important is how you feel and your attitude in life.” says Keri.

Being a Personal Stylist for over 13 years now, Keri wanted to bring her knowledge and expertise to everyone. “I realize that although most people would love their very own personal stylist, not everyone can have that luxury. This is my way to give you the same tips, tricks and advice on beauty that I give my clients.”

Keri’s one of a kind in her approach and works with all of her clients in a unique way that brings the essence of who you are to the outside leaving you more expressed, confident, happy and glowing. Working with clients in this way has them accomplish their goals in life whether it be increasing their income, finding the love of their life or simply being fulfilled and happy.

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ABOUT - The Style Studio by KB
ABOUT - The Style Studio by KB