Accessorizing …a must

We all love seeing a woman fully accessorized as they have such a polished look.   As amazing as it looks, every week many women tell me that it’s a challenge for them to accessorize and they don’t know where to start.  First of all, let me say there is no right way to accessorize.  Everyone does it a little differently and it’s an opportunity to play with it and find your own unique style.  Some people have only a few pieces they wear all of the time and others venture out and mix styles and metals.  Whatever feels comfortable to you, do it.  Here are some of my tips to make accessorizing easy with little effort.

1.  If you are just starting out with accessorizing, get some fabulous pieces that will work with any outfit.  My suggestion is to get a couple of short statement necklaces in silver and a couple in gold, a couple long silver and gold necklaces, a couple bracelets in silver and gold and at least 3 pairs of earrings in both silver and gold.  This way, they are easy to wear and you are mixing it up and not wearing the same thing every day.

2.  If you are wearing a low neckline such as a v-neck, scoop neck, sweetheart, etc. I like to choose a short necklace.  If it’s a subtle pattern or solid color, I’ll choose a large statement necklace.  If it’s a more lively print, I pair it with a daintier short necklace.

[av_one_half first]Accessorizing ...a must[/av_one_half]

[av_one_half]Accessorizing ...a must[/av_one_half]



3.  When wearing a high neckline, choose a long necklace to accentuate the look or some large statement earrings.

Accessorizing ...a must

4.  I think it’s always important to wear earrings.  You don’t have to match the earrings to the necklace.  Match the metals with the general feel and go.  If you’ve chosen a statement necklace, go a little smaller on the earrings whereas if you’re wearing a daintier necklace, choose some larger earrings.

5.  Women always ask if they need to match their jewelry to the hardware on their purse or shoes and the answer is no.  If you have a pair of fabulous black shoes with some gold, you can still wear silver accessories to accentuate your look.  However, if you are wearing a gold or silver bag, then match the accessories to this.
Accessorizing ...a must

Accessorizing ...a must

6. Now that the weather is warmer, if your arms are exposed, wear some bracelets.  Find a large one or a small one. Just choose one.  If you are at the office on your computer, don’t wear bangles as they will drive you crazy clanking on your desk as you type away.

Accessorizing ...a must

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