Age gracefully

Why is it that when men age, they get more confident and hotter effortlessly (think George Clooney) while when women age, we don’t? (I’ll leave out a comparison.)  As women, the older we get the more self conscious we get about our looks. We notice every line on our face, every spot, every dimple on our legs, and we can see the difference 3 pounds makes to our bodies. This is crazy but true. No matter what woman I talk to, we are all trying to beat the clock and look younger and more beautiful for as long as we can. So, how far are you willing to go to age gracefully? Botox, chemical peels, fad diets, wraps, never leave the house without makeup on? Or, there are the women who do nothing. Is this the better way? I don’t think so. How do we balance our internal struggle with our outward beauty? I feel like it also changes from day to day. So how do we as women, continue to look hotter as the years pass. I think the first step is to not give up. Put some time and effort in each year to evaluate how you look and feel in your body. If there are changes you want to make, put a plan in place and make them. What can you do to feel more confident and hotter about how you  look and feel today? Maybe it’s a makeup lesson to freshen your look. Perhaps it’s hiring someone to rebrand you and get a new wardrobe that you feel amazing in. Maybe it’s getting committed to a new workout or healthy eating to achieve the body you really want. Or, it might be a spiritual awakening such that you radiate joy from the inside out. We all know that nothing is more beautiful than inner peace! Whatever it is, get in action right away. Find an expert, create a plan and make the change you want to see. You can look more gorgeous today than you did way back when.

Age gracefully


What is your secret for aging gracefully?

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