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My sister and I often share clothes. We are the same size, but we have completely different body shapes.  I am more curvy and she is more straight up and down.  So when I try to slip on her skinny jeans, my body doesn’t quite look the same as when she puts them on.  Are there any jeans out there that flatter almost every body type?

– Sarah M. 

The types of jeans I find fit for almost any body type are the trouser and flare.  Both elongate the legs, shape the rear-end quite nicely and don’t hug your calves.  These jeans give you a womanly figure while also making you appear trimmer.


I travel a lot for work and since I always seem to be in a rush, I hate checking a bag.  I am always on the go during these trips and usually find myself grabbing coffee with a client, then heading to a business meeting, then out to dinner with another client.  Do you have any suggestions for someone like me that wants to pack light, but still able to look great for several occasions?

– Austin K.

I have several suggestions for traveling.  First, always stick to one color tone such as black or brown.  For instance, only bring a black belt and black shoes or a brown belt and brown shoes.  And make sure all the clothing you bring will go with them. Second, always bring a black blazer/sportcoat.  It’s great especially for someone like you who has an up in the air schedule.  You can wear it to a business meeting with slacks or dress it down a bit for a dinner with a pair of jeans. Lastly, fold your clothing in dry cleaning bags when you pack. This helps prevent your clothes from wrinkling.  So if you are in a rush, you can just throw something on and not worry about ironing.


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