Balayage Technique – A must

Balayage technique what?  That’s exactly what I said.  Recently I wanted a change to my hair.  After spending the last 2 + years as a redhead without highlights, and the prior 5 + years as a redhead with blonde highlights, I was ready for a change.  I thought I was ready to try the Ombre look until I met my new colorist Jennifer.  She told me the best way to achieve the look in the pictures I brought her was the Balayage technique.  Now, I am an expert in the beauty industry and am embarrassed to say I had no idea what this Balayage technique was and in fact it took me hours to learn how to say it.  Apparently it is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint.  Which is exactly as it looked.  After mixing my two or three different colors, Jennifer, my stylist, pulls out a paddle with a special brush and it seemed more like watching a painter than a hair dresser.  I was amazed and LOVE the results.  Apparently this is the look we’ve been seeing on all of the catwalks and with all of the celebrities.  It looks sun-kissed with more dimension and total beauty.  You’ll also love the longer lasting results as you could be good to go for eight weeks or longer.  The added benefit is my husband says my hair is the best it’s looked in years.

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