Being the Best You

Be Your Best YouIf you are like me, I am always looking for how I can be a better version of myself. Not because there is something wrong with me but rather I always try to evolve. Maybe it’s learning more, challenging my beliefs, or just the fact that I want be a better person, but either way, I strive to always to be the best that I can be. This applies to both the inside and out. Most people typically forget that the two go hand-in-hand.

I truly believe that looking good on the outside really makes a difference on how you feel on the inside. This is exactly why I am equally as obsessed with my appearance in a healthy way. Key word being healthy! I’m always looking for how I can have my best body (as is Oprah), how I can make my face look the best (this is great as I age and deal with brown spots and wrinkles), my hands wrinkling, my cellulite on my legs and anything else I notice. When you can confidently look back at yourself in the mirror and love what you see, it’s easier to project your charismatic personality. Now, I am a firm believer in making sure that you are happy with who you are on the inside, but keeping up your image is just as important. After all, when someone genuinely compliments you on how great you look after losing weight or how your skin looks amazing and glows, you feel great about yourself. Not to mention, more motivated to continue a healthy lifestyle.

So how can you create a healthy obsession with being the best you?

I suggest you start by taking note of any areas of dissatisfaction. This is very important! Make a mental note or write them down and then do some research and create a plan. This will really help you focus on what needs changing. Prioritizing and keeping yourself on track will get you where you want to be. Having a plan will also help to lessen any frustration that may arise on your journey to being the best version of yourself. If you can hire an expert to help you navigate through it all, even better, but if not, Google is your best friend. There are great self-help books, blogs (like mine!) or YouTube tutorials that can help you enhance your image and your self-appreciation. I personally love this book Change Your Thinking Change Your Life by Brian Tracy. It has you consider your thoughts and gives you the opportunity to change them. I’d made a real difference for me in how I think. If you spend enough time, you will find the best products and solutions for your challenges.

Being the Best You

Change Your Thinking Change Your Life by Brian Tracy, $17.89

I started blogging with the mission to provide my clients and my readers (that’s you) with information that is both educational and can help with fixing any issues that you feel you have. One of my passions of writing this blog is to do the research and test products and services that adhere to a woman’s everyday problems and give you my honest feedback on whether or not the things I’ve tried are great solutions. And I can guarantee you that everything recommended on my blog are proven and will save you time. I know how hectic our lives can be and what little time we have to spare. As a wife, mother and business owner I know exactly how we as women tend to put ourselves last. But I’ve made it a priority through this blog to make sure you don’t forget about yourself. That, and making sure you have a place to go to that you can rely on for credible advice.

Now get ready to take the first step on being the best version of yourself! Congratulations and I know you can do it!

Be Your Best You

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