Biggest reward – motherhood


The most rewarding thing I’ve ever done is join the ranks of motherhood.

Over the years I have done a lot of things that have been fulfilling and made a real difference for both my life and the lives of others.  For 10 years I led transformational seminars to thousands of people changing their lives and making a profound difference.  For 13 years I’ve dressed hundreds and hundreds of women and men making them feel amazing about themselves such that they’re able to accomplish more in life.  They become more confident so they make more money, find the love of their life or just walk taller and love what they see in the mirror.   But, by far the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my entire life is being a mom.  I don’t think I ever worked so hard for something in my entire life and it’s been worth every bit of effort we put into it and way more.  It’s hard to express just how profound this experience is for me.  It’s everything people tell you and everything no one can tell you.  I had my daughter Stella 2 1/2 years ago and it was the most amazing, spiritual, loving, transformational and challenging experiences I’ve ever had in my life.  To experience that kind of love, that kind of admiration, that kind of tenderness has changed my life forever.  I am more focused on what matters in my life, having an amazing family and changing people’s lives by how they dress.  She is my mirror and helps me stay present each moment I am with her.  This is my true joy everyday and my biggest reward is to be that beautiful, brilliant, funny, talented little girl’s mom.  It is amazing to look into her eyes that are so full of possibility everyday and to help her know that she truly can accomplish anything in this life that she wants!  That is my biggest reward in life.

Biggest reward - motherhood

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  1. Keri…Your written words about your love of being Stella’s mom brought tears to my eyes.

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