Dressing Your Body Type – Apple

Many people have a hard time dressing their body type.  It doesn’t matter what the type, they find it hard.  One of the most challenging types to dress is the apple.  Here’s why.  If you look at the picture below of Laura, one of our new favorite clients, she is larger on top and in the middle and has these fantastic legs.  Many women with this body type tend to wear big flowy tops with skinny or tight pants to accentuate how thin their legs are.  However counterintuitive it is, this look will make you look bigger than you are every time.  Instead, ideally you want to balance your body making it look proportionate.  With this body type, it means wearing more fitted things on top with a flowy pant or dress.  When I met Laura, she said she would love to be able to wear dresses but they never worked for her.  Here are some great dresses I found that she fell in love with.  If you have this body type and struggle with it, here are a few ideas to look amazing while balancing out your figure.  I believe that your body is perfect, it’s the clothes that don’t work!

Here is Laura’s before picture:


Here’s Laura with some new amazing looks.


Belting dresses or tops work well because it brings in your natural waist making you appear smaller.  Most people wear their belts on their hips or at their belly button when actually your natural waist is higher and just under your chest.


Always remember to pair your outfit with an amazing necklace to draw the eye up to your face.


This dress is amazing because it has ruching at the waist which gives the same effect as a belt.


This combination is amazing.  The colors draw the attention to her gorgeous face.  The faux wrap illusion flatters because it separates the breasts and brings in the waist which is a winning combination.  The pants are narrow enough at the hips but have a fuller leg to create a flow effect.


I hope this helps guide you to feeling amazing in your perfect apple body type.


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