People always ask me about Botox so here’s what I think. For many years I resisted the Botox movement and in fact didn’t even talk to my clients about it. In my opinion, sometimes beauty can be a slippery slope. Just how far will we go to look and feel beautiful? I believe that every woman (and man) is beautiful in their own way. The most important thing is to be able to look in the mirror and feel great about what’s looking back at you. Beauty comes from within and shows through to people on the outside. If you lack confidence and inner love, it’s hard to exude beauty no matter what you look like. Yes, each and every one of us has things we don’t particularly love about how we look. Somethings are worth altering to make you feel better and some require going deep within ourselves to change.

One thing that’s important to me is to look the best that I can every day. Given this commitment, I work on my facial skin religiously to keep it looking youthful. I first decided to try Botox earlier this year after I had a Chemical Peel (see our blog on Chemical Peels). I absolutely loved the results but noticed the lines on my forehead were more prominent. I figured, I could try Botox and see what I thought.  I went to Vitahl Medical Aesthetics and I loved it.  It was very natural looking, and took away the lines that I was obsessing about. The ladies that work at Vitahl are amazing and made the process easy and painless.  Since then I have done it again and I’m still really satisfied with how it looks. Thanks Vitahl! After all, how will I stay looking 35?


Basic Information on Botox:

Amazing results with no down time.

When Botox is administered to the muscles around wrinkles and lines, those muscles can’t move. Once they relax, the appearance of wrinkles and lines are smoothed out. The effects last between 3-4 months.

Botox has some medical uses in addition to cosmetic ones. It can treat chronic migraines, severe sweating and various conditions that affect the muscles.

The average person who gets Botox, spends $370 each time they get it.  This depends on how many units they get and how much they pay per unit.

Generally takes 15-30 minutes.

Doesn’t hurt and you’ll notice a difference in 2-5 days with peak results occurring at 2 weeks after you’ve had it done.

It’s very important to go to someone who is very experienced in giving this injectable as you want a super natural look.

This is just some basic information about Botox if you are curious. I do recommend doing your own research to determine if it’s right for you.

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