July Client Spotlight

Kathleen Quinn Votaw

KQV Alternate Image

CEO of TalenTrust
Mother of 1 son
KBIE client for 5 yrs

What’s your clothing/accessory must-have of the moment?

“The Orthaheel Ramba Toe Wedges because they make my feet feel happy.  They are so comfortable and awesome to wear on long days. I also love the sundress for the summer because it’s so easy to dress up and down. It’s perfect for business as well as for a summer casual look.”

Favorite local hotspot?

“Willow Creek restaurant in Evergreen, CO”

Tell us more about your lifestyle….

“I’m a CEO of a rapidly growing company.  So I am very very busy.  My weekdays are consumed with back-to-back meetings with current clients, new clients, and my team.  My son is involved with a lot of sports, so when I am not working, I am watching him play at his games. I have a very hectic and fast-paced lifestyle.”

Why did you decide to use KBIE?

“I decided to use KBIE after a friend referred me. Also, I am not a huge fan of shopping for myself.  When Keri and I first shopped together I loved the clothes she selected for me, and they were not clothes that I would usually pick for myself. Since she understands my style and needs, the clothes that she selected really helped expand my wardrobe.  She’s efficient and effective.”

How did you feel about your style before you went to KBIE?

“I’ve always been a confident woman with some sense of style, but I felt I had very traditional and boring business attire.”

And now?

“After Keri’s help, my attire is now in line with my persona and lifestyle.”

Why is it important to you to look amazing every day?

“I am in the public eye all the time with my business.  When I look amazing it gives me an incredible amount of confidence. I feel that when you look and feel great, you can do just about anything!”

Tell us about your experience working with KBIE….

“Keri is very responsive, very effective and very customer-centric.  She gets things done quickly!  For example, when I needed a raincoat and rain boots for an event I was going to in a few days, I called her up and within 24 hours she had numerous options for me to choose from.  I also now spend less on clothes than I did because now I wear everything that I purchase.”

What would you say is the biggest change in your life, after using KBIE?

“It’s much more efficient and effective to find something to wear now.”

*Check back in next month for our 2nd client spotlight


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