Could Your Clothes Be Sending the Wrong Message?

First impressions are key to lasting impressions.  Have you ever met someone for the first time and they end up being completing different than what you thought?  Initially you thought John was a landscaper since he was dressed in a dirty t-shirt and ripped jeans, but come to find out he was actually a CEO of a very successful advertising firm and just completed working in the yard.  For better or worse, we live in a very visual world.  So we use what we see in front of us to make snap judgements.  Type, color, and the way you wear your clothing can all have an effect on the way people perceive you.  Could your clothes be sending the wrong message?  See some common “clothing messages” below:

1.  High necklines & turtlenecks – covering up your neck and decolletage makes you look closed off.  Try showing a little skin to appear more inviting.

2.  All black – wearing all black from head-to-toe may look chic, but you can sometimes appear a little harsh and unfriendly.  Try wearing a pop of color with those black pants even if it’s in the shoes or belt.

3.  Ruffles – thought of as more girly and young. Ruffles make you appear sweeter.  There’s nothing wrong with looking a little sweet if you are!

4.  Crisp button ups (for women) – can make you seem a bit rigid and stiff.  Try swapping it out for a blouse instead.

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