Creating a Signature Style

Have you ever wondered how you can simplify getting dressed yet still look amazing?  Develop your own signature style.  This is not a new concept.  Every style icon since the beginning of time, ‘fashion time’ at least, have done just that.  Although a lot of women wish they had one, many get frustrated because they don’t know where to begin and they don’t have a look that they really love.  You can create a go-to look that is fresh and stylish without wearing the exact same thing everyday.  For example, many years ago I noticed that what I love to wear and feel great in is amazing jackets.  I love them because they have different vibes about them, but they all make life easy.  I can wear my black and white Joseph jacket that I bought in London and feel amazing in it when I want to feel really sharp or I can wear my blue and white Tory Burch jacket that is a little more fun and relaxed when I want to feel put together and more stylish.  I then choose a color of top or tank to go under it, my favorite jeans and jewelry and voilà, I’m out the door and look amazing.  If I have a really important meeting, sometimes I throw on colored slacks.  This makes life really simple with a toddler and tight schedule.  Now that I’ve been doing this long enough, I’ve started venturing out of my signature style to wearing a lot of dresses but I always go back.

Where do you start in creating your own signature style?  This process can take a good amount of time but can really pay off in the long run in time and money saved.

Things to consider when designing a signature style.

1. Ask yourself,  what do you wear that makes you feel amazing?  Most people only wear 20 % of their wardrobes which will give you a good start to look at right there.  What inspires you?  That is where to begin.

2. Lifestyle – What do you do for work, fun, etc.  For example, my signature style would never include 4 inch heels as I’m on my feet shopping everyday and I would be in so much pain.

3. Work – Are you more casual or dressy?

4. Personality – What would people say about you?  Have this be expressed through your signature style.

5. Body – What types of clothes and styles fit you perfectly and feel great when you wear them.

Once you answer all of these questions, begin to create a look that’s all your own.  One that feels amazing and is effortless.  If you can’t do this alone or this seems daunting and you need help, don’t give up, hire an expert.  Our team of stylists can help you do this without causing brain damage or wasting valuable time and money.

Here are a couple pictures of my signature style.


Signature style

Tory Burch jacket, Classiques top, Vizcaino trouser jeans, and custom necklace from my collection.

signature style

Yoana Baraschi jacket, Weston Wear top, Vizcaino bootcut jeans, Paul Green heels, and necklace by Marjorie Baer from The Style Studio by Keri Blair.



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