Cute and Comfortable Face Masks

Cute and Comfortable Face Masks:  2020’s Must have Accessory

Now that we know we will be wearing masks for awhile, it’s time to get some cute ones that makes you feel good! Over the months, I’ve been testing some out to see which ones are easy to breathe in, are good for my skin and dare I say, cute!  Here are some of Stella and my favorites. It is important to feel your best everyday, even if that involves covering half of your face.


You can’t go wrong with the quality of silk from this brand. They also make silk pillow cases and eye masks that I love.  This mask is silk on both sides and breathable! With adjustable ear straps and nose stay, it is my ultimate go-to.


Cute Face Masks

Rachel Silk:

A more economical option, but very similar. This silk mask is also breathable and good for your skin.  It comes in cute colors, too!


Funner Face Masks:

A friend of mine, Michele, created these super cute and comfortable masks.  Stella and I both have a lips one! Every time we wear them people say, “I love your mask!”. We love making people smile!


Cute Face Masks

Cute Face Masks

Natalie Mills:

I recently ordered this mask to get a little bling for a dressed up look. It’s super cute and comes in a lot of colors.


Keti Vani:

This mask is from a local designer.  She has makes gorgeous clothing so of course she would make gorgeous masks.  It’s comfortable and gets better every time I wash it.  Best part is the customer service. I received this mask less than a day after ordering it.


Cute Face Masks

Cute Face Masks


I love this mask as it comes in adult and kid sizes.  It’s comfortable and super cute with the bright color. Stella and I love to be a little matchy from time to time and this does the trick. Only downside is it takes awhile to get.

$25 for 5

I hope this gives you some mask inspiration. Let me know some of your favorite cute and comfortable face masks.

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