Dark Spots be Gone!

One thing I particularly dislike about aging is my propensity for dark spots.  It drives me crazy and makes me look prematurely older than I should look.  Since I turned 30ish, I have been getting dark spots on my face.  It started with a big one on my right cheekbone.  It was kind of funny because every time I got my hair colored, my stylist tried to scrub it off thinking it was color that landed on my face.  I guess that was okay for a few years but at some point, the humor was gone and it just became annoying.  Then over time, I got a few more on my nose and both cheeks.  This is where I drew the line.   Now that I’m past 40, if I even think about the sun with sunscreen on, I’ll get a bunch of new dark spots.  It’s very frustrating but I have a plan.  I’ve come to the realization that I will always need to have these spots treated.  I love the results that I get from a photo facial to get rid of these pesky spots and make my skin look fresh and rejuvenated.  Click here to learn more about it.  I had it done today as my face got a lot of new dark spots after my recent trip to Mexico.  Even though I wore sunscreen and almost always had a hat on in the sun, they appeared.  I thought that I would share about it so that if you were considering it, you would know what to expect.

Here is a picture of my face last week and one of today after the treatment.  Mind you, I did put makeup on and as you can tell, my spots get really dark.  Although the treatment itself is painful (if you don’t get numbing cream which I don’t because it makes my face feel really weird for hours).  Instead I take a few Motrin and kick my legs to deal with the pain.  In a few days, the brown spots will flake off leaving my skin fresh and looking new!  If you have been dealing with spots like I have, it’s so worth it to deal with a little bit of pain for the long lasting beauty.

Before picture is above

After photo facial


I’ll add another picture once the spots are gone!


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