December Client Spotlight

 Morag Barrett

MoragCEO and founder of SkyeTeam,
an international HR and leadership development firm
Mother of 3 boys
KBIE client for 5 months

What’s your clothing item/accessory must-have of the moment?

“This wonderful buttery soft leather jacket that Keri found for me.  Love it!  Beyond that you’d have to ask Keri!”

Favorite local hotspot?

“The Turnverien or Grizzly Rose… I love to ballroom dance and these are two of the regular hotspots where my friends and I can be found dancing the night away.  I started dancing three years ago and have gone from having three left feet (yes you read that right) to twirling and feeling graceful and elegant.”

Tell us more about your lifestyle….

“I am always doing a million things at once.  With work I can be traveling a lot and am facilitating workshops and programs around the world.  In between my team and I are planning for upcoming events, finishing my book Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships which is being published in March 2014 as well as supporting local charity organizations. It’s a whirlwind!

For fun things are a little more casual, time with the family, playing principal bassoon for the Broomfield Symphony, sailing or dancing!”

Why did you decide to use KBIE?

“I was in the midst of rebranding my company and decided that professional advice to fine tune my personal brand as well would not go amiss!”

How did you feel about your style before you went to KBIE?

“My style was ok, but predictable.  Things were safe and the items in my wardrobe were not stand out pieces.  As a regular keynote speaker standing out (in the right way) is important.  I looked professional, just not memorable.”

And now?

“It’s still me, but with an edge.  I love it.”

Why is it important to you to look amazing everyday?

“In my role I am regularly presenting to leaders around the world (last count 25 countries and 4 continents).  Others are making assumptions about us before we even open our mouths to speak, I wanted to make sure that the outfits I wore matched the real me – bold, refreshing, inspiring and fun.  My old wardrobe didn’t always reflect that!  When I wear items from my new wardrobe I can say that I feel bold, refreshing, inspiring and fun, and it comes through in the quality of the keynote presentations and workshops I facilitate.”

Tell us about your experience working with KBIE….

“Keri helped me to part with items that I should have said goodbye to a long time ago.  That first sift through my wardrobe was tough, though on the positive side it seems that I do OK in picking dresses that suit me!  Overall Keri and her team have made the whole process easy, she picked out items that I would not have given a second look to on the hanger, but when you wear them are fun, and create a great impression.”

What would you say is the biggest change in your life, after using KBIE?

“Choosing what to wear in the morning has got a little more challenging in that I want to wear everything in my wardrobe.  It’s a good problem to have!

People ask me where I got an outfit or item from… that didn’t happen very often in the past… I tell them I got it from Keri Blair.”


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