Dressing with simplicity

Recently there was an article published on Harper’s Bazaar called “Why I wear the same thing to work everyday” which I found very thought provoking.  In a nut shell, ( read more here ) a woman who is an art director at one of the leading creative advertising agencies in New York, had a very important meeting and couldn’t figure out what to wear.  She tried on many outfits and nothing felt right so she just chose something and soon regretted her decision.  I think everyone can relate to this scenario.  How many times have we gone in our closet to decide what to wear and nothing seems quite right?  It’s an incredibly frustrating and stressful experience.  I’ve often been jealous of my 2 1/2 year old who can put anything on and is happy with her decision.  Back to the story, she decided to buy 15 silk white shirts and some black trousers and create a “uniform”.  Seems much like the mom in yoga wear shuttling her kids off to school and activities daily.  I guess on one hand this makes sense and alleviates a lot of stress but on the other hand, is it possible to feel amazing about your image everyday so you start the day with immense confidence or even to get ahead in your career and achieve the next level of success?  I talk to people everyday who are frustrated and wished they could look great and put it all together effortlessly.  I’m left to wonder how long this woman will wear her uniform before she gets bored or it impacts her self esteem or her career.

I realize that for the majority of both men and women, it’s not easy to build a wardrobe you love, feel great in every piece everyday and mix and match things effortlessly such that getting dressed is a cinch.  If it were easy, I wouldn’t have a business doing this for people.  I understand the frustration people have dressing and that they want it to go away.  Some days, I am in that boat as well.

There have be many studies showing that the people who look the best and most polished are the ones who get ahead in life, and get more promotions, etc.  I see it everyday in the people I talk to and the companies I work with.  I have given countless people makeovers who in a very short period of time double their income or get a significant promotion just based on how they look.  So I wonder, could she be getting overlooked at work, the very place she wants to give more to?

What are your thoughts?

I believe there is another way to simplify getting dressed while still looking amazing.  Stay tuned for my thoughts on how to develop your own signature style tomorrow.

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