Fall Accessories 2015

Finish off your wardrobe with some of these amazing fall accessories.

Wide Chokers:

One of my rules with my clients is no turtlenecks. I know it may seem extreme but if you look at turtlenecks, they close off your neck and chest making you appear standoffish and closed off. On the contrary, when you expose this area, you appear more open and vulnerable to others.  I love this new twist on a turtleneck! It keeps your neck warm while still exposing skin so you appear more open.

Fall Accessories 2015


Picture by Harper’s Bizarre

Elbow Length Gloves:

Think pretty woman for 2015. You don’t need to wait for a date to the opera to wear these beauties. Glam up any outfit with these amazing gloves.

Fall Accessories 2015

Agnelle Gloves, $199

Oversized Broches:

Wear these in a new gorgeous way to look glamorous. Find one that you love and pin it to a scarf, jacket, or top to up your game.

Fall Accessories 2015

Alexis Bittar Desert Jasmine Large Flower Pin, $267.75

Fall Accessories 2015

Nina Jadira Star Statement Pin, $38

Statment Belts:

Belts are a fantastic way to accentuate the smallness of your waist and add sophistication to any outfit.

Fall Accessories

Leatherock 9557, $72

fall accessories

Joie Skinny Double Wrap Belt, $118

fall accessories

Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Belt, $395

Statement Earring:

Although everything you see in the magazines and online is REALLY big, I like a statement earring that doesn’t talk before I do. Here’s some of my favorites to be on trend but not overboard.

fall accessories

Alexis Bittar Silver Marquis Orbital, $325

fall accessories

Alexis Bittar Orbiting Wire Earring, $150

fall accessories

Gorjana Morrison Earrings, $65

The Saddle Bag (purse not your thighs):

I’m still a really big fan of the tote but if you are looking for something a little smaller, the saddle bag is perfect for you.

Fall Accessories 2015

Frye Amy Crossbody, $338

Fall Accessories 2015

Vince Modern V Haircalf Medium Shoulder Bag, $495

Stop by the Style Studio for our new selection of fall accessories.

What are your favorites?


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