In a Fashion Rut?

It’s near the end of winter and shopping for the season’s latest trends seem to have lost it’s luster.  You may look inside your closet and gaze over the monotonous clothing options you have to choose from.  What once was a beautiful “got to have it” purple blouse at the beginning of winter is now a boring old smock you wore last Tuesday.   If this paints the perfect picture of your experience, then you could be in a “fashion rut.”  Not to worry though, a fashion rut can be fixed! We are here to help you fight those winter blues.  Just follow one, two, or even all of our tips below and we promise you’ll be cured.

1. Purchase something in a new spring color. (Yes!  Some of these colors you can wear now.)  Whether it be a cashmere sweater, a stone necklace, or a silk scarf – get an item in one of the upcoming season’s hottest colors like dazzling blue or paloma.  Check out all the colors HERE.

2. Dive into a new trend.  Some of the upcoming trends that you can wear now include: collarless coats, wide leg trousers, white blouses, tea-length skirts, pastels, and black & white.

3. Borrow from a friend.  Have a friend who wears the same size?  Why not ask her kindly if she can part with that killer dress you’ve had your eye on for one night?

4. Add some pizzazz!  Perhaps all your outfit needs is a little sparkle and shine.  Try adding some new jewels to that suit or a belt to that dress.  Accessorizing makes all the difference.



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