My Favorite Snow Boots

Now that it’s snowy, I thought that I would share my favorite Snow Boots with you.  Just today I had several clients ask me what is a cute boot that is comfortable, has great traction (so you don’t fall) and will keep your feet warm…all of this while still having you look cute.  Here are my favorite snow boots.

If I say the word UGG, please don’t picture those awful, sloppy, meant for a teenager boots that you see on middle-aged women wearing everyday.  There are several other styles of UGGs that will have you looking cute and stylish and dare I say age appropriate with all of the same qualities that you’ve grown to love.

Check these beauties out.

My Favorite Snow Boots

UGG Joely, $199.95

My Favorite Snow Boots

UGG MIscha, $224.95

My Favorite Snow Boots

UGG Cobie II, $130.60

Here are the qualities I look for in a great snow boot:

Traction √


Warm √

Sheep Lined √

Cute √√


What are your favorite snow boots?  There are many great ones out this year.  Enjoy the weather and stay warm.





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