Healthy Holidays

It is easy to overindulge this time of year and the phrase “healthy holidays” is often shuddered at. With sweet treats, alcohol, and fatty foods everywhere it’s not uncommon to give yourself permission to eat whatever and deal with the repercussions later. Everywhere I turn, there’s a commercial for my favorite – cinnamon rolls! So, what’s a gal to do and how do I resist the growing urge to indulge without sacrafice? I choose not not wait until January 1st and repent for poor choices, but to enjoy good habits throughout the season. I’m no fitness or health expert, but I do have some personal tips that I’d love to share on how to keep you looking, and feeling, great through the holidays and into the New Year!

Healthy Holidays


I maintain accountability for my diet and workouts by tracking what I consume and how often I work out. By checking in with myself daily I am responsible for my behaviors. When I’m able to physically see all that I’ve consumed in a day, I’m more likely to not snag that extra cookie after dinner. Keeping a health diary is easier than you think with the convenience of apps such as MyFitnessPal or WeightWatchers.

Healthy Holidays

Schedule Workouts

Don’t leave your workouts to chance, take the initiative and schedule them just like you would a get-together with a friend. Your workouts are a time for you to take a break from the day-to-day stressors, connect with yourself and your goals, and commit to being the best you. Don’t skimp on taking care of yourself, especially during the holidays. (I have to remind myself of this daily!) Even if it is just a 15 or 30 minute brisk walk, commit to specific days and times on a weekly basis and put it in your calendar.

Healthy Holidays

Pre-Plan What You’ll Consume

Before you head out to a holiday gathering, check your health diary and see where you are on your daily allowances. Then pre-plan what you will allow yourself to consume at the party. Do you think you’ll want a big slice of pie? Then limit how many glasses of wine you’ll be drinking. I’m not saying you can’t have any of the good stuff, but what I like to do is create balance so I don’t wake-up feeling like a bloated balloon.

Healthy Holidays

Fill-Up Before You Go

One trick that works great for me is to fill-up on healthy foods before I go to a holiday gathering. It’s like not grocery shopping on an empty stomach. You’ll set yourself up for success if you eat some healthy proteins and fats before to satiate yourself, and keep your stomach full. Don’t fall victim to endless grazing!

Use A Small Plate

Skip the oversized dinner plate and go for a smaller sized bread plate when making your way around the holiday spread. This equates to automatic portion control and will make you more conscientious about your choices.

Healthy Holidays

Keep Water to Alcohol Consumption 1:1

This is a tip that we should all practice: for every alcoholic drink, consume 8 oz of water. This will keep you hydrated and help you avoid any too-tipsy comments to nagging family members.

Healthy Holidays

Don’t Use Travel As An Excuse

“We’re on vacation,” is the common adage we’ve all told ourselves in the past. But how terrible does it feel come January 1st when you’re starting the year out of shape and reaching for the stretchy pants? Don’t let vacation own you. Create healthy goals to get you through the holidays and stick with them.

Like I mentioned earlier, these great tips are not only for the holidays, but they are suggestions you can employ year-round. Got a birthday party or a summer bbq later in the year? Use these tricks to help you maintain your figure and keep you feeling great.

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