Holiday Packing Tips

Christmas is almost here and we are getting ready for our annual trip to visit our family in Arizona. Getting everything ready isn’t always easy, so I wanted to share with you my holiday packing tips to make life a bit easier.

Packing Tips for the Holidays

  • Bring your absolute favorite seasonal items to wear as this will have you feel great everyday of your trip giving you one more reason to relax.
  • A great way to save space in your luggage is to Roll your garments.  This is an amazing trick but you may want to try it on the way home so you have more space for the gifts you’ll be brining home.
  • Choose a color scheme like black or navy so that you can mix and match pieces.
  • Choose pieces that can pull double duty, like a dress that you can wear during the day and transition into night.
  • Fabrics like jersey, knits, and jeans are less likely to wrinkle.
  • When packing wrinkly fabrics like silks and linen, fold along creases or seams to minimize wrinkling.
  • Pack your dress (or suit) in a plastic dry-cleaning bag.  The slippery surface helps to minimize wrinkles.
  • Pack shoes first at the base of the suitcase and put any smaller items like jewelry or scarves in the inside of the shoe.
  • Bring a pashmina, it doubles as a wrap on the chilly plane and an accessory once you arrive at your destination.
  • If you’re bringing gifts with you, pack them in your luggage instead of opting for shipping. That way you have room in your bag to bring the gifts you receive back with you.
  • Lastly, but maybe most important, if you are flying, always pack a couple of days worth of clothes in a carry on.  This way if the airline looses your luggage, you can still have a great time for a couple of days while they find it without running out to go shopping.


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