How to Clean Out Your Closet for the New Season

Do you have a closet full of clothes, but seem to wear the same outfits over and over again? Whether you are bored with your neglected items or they have simply lost their luster, it’s probably about time to clean out your closet.  And with fall on the way, what better time to do it than now?  Get a fresh start into the new season as well as making room for some new and exciting fall pieces.  Check out our 7 steps below to help you tidy up your closet.

If you find it difficult to do this process on your own, we’d love to help you through it and get your fall image ready for success.

1.  First, get rid of anything you haven’t worn for that season in over a year, unless you’ve paid top dollar for it or it’s a timeless piece.

2.  Try on all the remaining items, look at yourself in the mirror and ask “do I feel good about how I look?”  If the answer is no, toss it!

3.  Check garments, shoes, and handbags for any worn-out fabrics, holes, and stains.  If they are non-repairable, say “adios amigo!”

4. Take any ill-fitting garments (either too big, small, or long) to the tailor and have them fit properly.

5. Bring any repairable shoes to the cobbler.

6.  If you are interested in making a little mula for your old items, look through your toss pile for “brand name” pieces and take them to your nearest consignment shop. Every consignment shop is different, so make sure you call them first to see what brands and types of items they take.

7. Gather up the remaining garments, shoes, and accessories to a thrift store (for a tax write-off) or throw them in the trash.


Call us to schedule your closet clean out today.  303-575-1606.


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