How to make a manicure last

Every woman wants to make her manicure last. Sometimes it seems like an impossible feat. I know I love the look of freshly manicured nails, but I don’t have the time to get them done every week and I certainly am not talented enough to polish them myself. Over the years, I’ve tried some tricks and here is what works for me to make a manicure last one week and possibly longer.

First: Get a manicure. During the mani, it helps if you don’t have them cut your cuticles but rather just push them back. It also helps if before they polish your nails, they go back over the nails with polish remover so that there is no oil on them so that the polish will last longer. I’ve also heard that if you don’t soak them to soften your cuticles, the polish will last longer. It’s really important that when they polish your nails, they polish the edge of your nails to make it seamless and last.

[av_one_half first]make a manicure last[/av_one_half]

[av_one_half]make a manicure last[/av_one_half]


Now your nails look amazing, but what else can you do to have your manicure last longer?

Second: Every other day I apply a fast drying top coat and I include the edges of my nails to seal the original polish.

Next: Prevent your nails from drying out. This is particularly important if you live in a dry climate like I do. Make sure you apply cuticle oil and lotion liberally. If your nails dry out they tend to chip easier.

Usually, if I do all of the above, I can make a manicure last about 7 or 8 days. Once the polish starts chipping, I remove the polish, lightly file and paint a clear coat on my nails to keep them strong until my next manicure which is usually about another week.

What are some of your tricks to make a manicure last longer?


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