How to Plan Your Outfit

How to Plan Your Outfit

Planning you outfit can sometimes be overwhelming. We usually start with a look or an idea in mind and then the moment we open our closets, we typically stumble. This can be attributed to either our closets being a mess (see my Organizing Your Closet post to help you get it in order), not knowing where to start, or not having the right clothes for the occasion or even the season. So how do you make this process easy? Well, follow these tips on how to plan your outfit and I can assure you that it will alleviate your stress and make it a breeze for you to figure out what to wear.

Check Your Calendar

As with anything in life, planning is essential. This is especially true with planning your outfit. Even those that look so “effortlessly” chic and like they just threw something on, they planned it. When it comes to fashion and style, everything is done on purpose. One thing I do personally, that I highly recommend, is looking at my day and seeing what I have going on. This helps me to analyze what pieces I want and should wear. Take a moment to go over your calendar and see what is on your schedule. If you are meeting with clients all day, pick out trousers and a great blouse with a blazer or a well tailored dress. Image is very important and you want to look polished. If I’m shopping for clients, I wear something stylish but still comfortable because I need to be able to move around all day in and out of stores with ease but still look stylish. You never know who you will meet. The person next to me at Neiman Marcus could be my next client after all.

How to Plan Your Outfit

Know Your Closet

One thing that I think is really important when figuring out your outfit is to get to know what is in your closet. As an image consultant and working with various clients, I’ve noticed that women tend to hang on to old clothes or buy clothes on impulse and forget what they have. This tends to affect how they dress. Knowing what you have in your closet helps you to plan your outfits better. This also helps with lessening the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to wear. You can plan ahead to buy what’s necessary for an event if you don’t have, let’s say, a dress for a gala or a capsule wardrobe for an upcoming getaway.

How to Plan Your Outfit

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As a fashion stylist/image consultant, helping you plan your outfits and elevating your look is my job. This is my passion and I love to make you feel good, look good and save you time. I have various tips on what types of clothes go best with each other for the right body type and where to buy them. These extremely useful information will continually help you plan your outfits. If you’re in a rut and need inspiration, subscribe to my blog and you’ll get updates on the latest style tips and trends. Sometimes we just need a little guidance and that’s what I’m here for.

I hope that these tips help you figure out how to plan your outfit and if you ever need additional help, leave a comment to get in contact with me!

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