Ice Rollers – A Must Add to Your Beauty Regimen

Are you ready to change your skin?

Ice Rollers

Looking to have gorgeous skin that is tight, wrinkle free and not puffy?

One of the newest trends in skincare is ice rollers and they can change your skin for the best. It’s an incredible way to increase circulation, preserve cells and tighten your pores.

Over the past year or so, as I’ve had different treatments done on my face, one thing that my esthetician has been doing is using ice rollers afterward. It’s such a decadent feeling and produces great results.  Some celebrity makeup artists even use this to prep clients for photo shoots and red carpet looks.

Ice Rollers

Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller, $55

Benefits And How To Use

Using an ice roller on your face and neck every morning (think Ice cube facials) will leave your face looking revitalized, refreshed and young.  YES, PLEASE! It also prevents wrinkle formation and lifts your face.

If you experience minor irritation with cosmetic procedures such as injectables, a chemical peel or laser treatments, you’ll love this roller as it will lessen the discomfort and redness.

It’s also amazing to make you look refreshed if you are feeling fatigued or didn’t get your 8-10 hours of sleep last night (who does?).

I’m going to try it before I get waxed next time and see if it becomes a better experience for me (think freeze the area to reduce pain). They say that you can roll it over any part of your body for instant pain relief. It is a MUST HAVE item at home for minor injury, burn and insect bites without making a mess with melted ice.

With all of these amazing benefits, I’m making it a part of my daily routine. Therefore, if you see me and I look 30, you’ll know my secret! Will it be yours?

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