International Travel Checklist

International Travel Checklist

I’m so excited about this topic right now as I am in the midst of planning and packing for our family trip to France.  This is very exciting and at the same time a bit overwhelming. Traveling internationally alone is a lot of work but then add traveling with an almost 4 year old and the packing is exponentially harder. Here is an international travel checklist that I put together to keep myself sane and have the process be efficient. I hope that this also helps you to plan your next international trip.

Itinerary and Planning

Use a travel book to help you decide what sights you want to see.  Given we are bringing Stella with us I love this family guide to Paris.  It even shows me where all of the parks are!

International Travel Checklist

Family Guide to Paris, $55.20

The next thing I recommend is to print a calendar of the dates you will be there and write in your plans for each day. Given I’m such a visual person, I can see where we have some free time and where we are too scheduled out.


The Week Before … Beauty and Beyond

Hair appointment – Have one scheduled so you look amazing for all of the pictures you’ll take.

Nail appointment – I always feel better when I leave for a trip with a fresh mani/pedi.

Waxing – Need I say more? This is especially important if you’ll have a bathing suit on.

Facial – Have your skin look fresh and dewy for the long flight and for the hours in the sun.

Make a packing list – This way you know what you are bringing and can do your last minute trips to the store to get everything you’ll need.


Things To Keep In Mind

Stop your mail or have a friend some get it for you.

Choose a credit card with 0% foreign transactions fees and alert all credit card companies that you will be out of the country. I also like to bring a back up card just in case.

Get cash in advance so that once you are there and need a taxi, you’re not scrambling for an ATM.


Ditch the international phone plan and download WhatsApp for free international calling and texting. Note, your friends and family also need to download this app.

International Travel Checklist


Currency conversion app – This is particularly helpful if you are like me and love to shop.

Translation/language app – I think this is imperative if you don’t know the language and want to travel with ease.

Electronic adapters – Oh yes, we can’t forget these. Otherwise all of those chargers are for not.

Camera and memory card.

For the flight

Drink lots of water (I liter of water for every 5 hours in flight)

Before boarding, wash your face and use a lot of moisturizer (I love Josie Marie Argon Oil) as the cabin air is VERY drying.

International Travel Checklist

Josie Maran Argan Oil, $35.95

Download movies/entertainment

Plan your comfortable travel outfit including socks and slip on shoes.

Carry on

Headphones and/or earplugs


Snacks, toys and games for kiddos

Pack 3 days worth of clothes in carry on in the event of lost luggage and I even pack 1/2 and 1/2 in my luggage and my husband’s so that if one bag is lost, we still have clothes for several days.


Check weather before you go to make sure it’s not raining or there isn’t a cold spell.

Refer to your packing list.

Make sure to roll your garments as this will save you a ton of space. Think more shoes.

Remember to bring travel size toiletries and of course your dry shampoo so you aren’t spending your vacation washing and blow drying your hair.

Don’t forget accessories but leave valuables at home.


It’s now time to have fun, relax and enjoy every minute.


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