Laser-Cut Dress

One of my favorite looks this season is the laser-cut dress.  I really love this look because it is ultra femme, sophisticated, and yet sexy all at the same time.  In the past, this technique was reserved for only the haute couture designs, but this season, it seems that everyone is on board bringing this amazing style to the everyday woman.  With mainstream stores like JCrew, Ann Taylor, and The Gap having their own versions of the dress, it is not only available to everyone but the laser-cut dress can be found at any price point.  I love the look of this technique because each design is so unique.  It’s made by an actual laser cutting the fabric allowing each designer to truly customize their design, therefore, being very difficult to reproduce by anyone else.  The most impressive collection I’ve seen is by Nue by Shani.  I love this line because they not only have gorgeous designs but they are made with a comfortable shaper built right in and can make you look a size smaller.  Who wouldn’t want that?  Check out their entire collection here.  With so many different styles, every woman can wear a laser-cut dress.


[av_one_half first]nue

Nue By Sahni Cut Skirt Crepe Sheath Dress, $232.00[/av_one_half]

[av_one_half]Nue 2

Nue by Shani Lasercut Crepe Fit & Flare, $273.00[/av_one_half]


[av_one_half first]Nue 3

Nue by Shani Laser Cut Trumpet Hem Sheath Dress, $274.00 [/av_one_half]

[av_one_half]Nue 4

Nue by Shani Laser Cut Crepe Dress, $231.00[/av_one_half]


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