How to Look Put Together in NO Time!

Ever make last minute plans and realize you have nothing to wear for the occasion?  Whether you are running from the gym to meet up with friends for dinner or you have a hot date right after work, we have some simple outfit and beauty tips that will make a great impression in the nick of time!

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1.  Drape yourself in jewels.  Throw on a necklace, earrings, rings, and/or bracelets for some sparkle and shine.

2.  Wrap a scarf around your neck.  Either a small silk or long cashmere will do the trick.

3.  Slip on a pair of heels.  Even if you are in a pair a jeans, a little heel can work wonders.

4.  Add some volume or sheen to your hair.  If your hair has gone a bit flat, spray on dry volumizing shampoo to the roots and give your strands a little tease with a comb.  Or comb your hair back with a nice side part into a soft low bun.  Spray the wisps down with light hairspray or dab on a little pomade.


1.  Throw on a blazer.  We are not talking about a whole suit and tie.  Just a simple sportcoat. Pair it with a button down or even a simple v-neck  with a pair of jeans.

2.  Nix the light wash jeans and put on a solid dark wash.

3.  Accessorize.  Accessories are not just for the ladies.  Wrap a watch around your wrist and a belt around your waist.

4.  Slip into a pair of loafers or lace ups.  Gym shoes are only to be worn at the gym and sneakers are to be worn casually.

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