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Ah, Valentine’s Day is almost here. My favorite holiday! I love this holiday because it is the one time of year that you have permission to be cheesy and fully express your appreciation and love for people. For me, it’s way more than a Hallmark holiday, it’s an opportunity to be vulnerable and tell people you love them and are grateful they are in your life.

This is Stella’s first year to exchange valentines at school and it is amazing to live through her eyes. She handmade 24 little valentines for all of her friends and teachers! They have buttons, feathers, hearts, stamps, and many other things on them. I took her to school today with her valentines to hand out and she was so excited she held her bag with such pride and told each friend she passed by that she has a special valentine for them. It is so precious and I love that at her school, the teachers have them hand deliver each valentine rather than just stuff a bag. They look their friend in the eye and hand them one. What a great lesson for life!

Love notes

Here are a few love note ideas that I found to express your LOVE this Valentine’s day:

  1. Hand write a love note and send it to their office. What an amazing surprise that will be to open in the middle of a busy day. My husband did this for me a little while ago on a random day and it meant the world to me. I keep it in my office and read it often!
  2. Write what you love about them on a bunch of pink sticky notes and put them around the house in random places or make the shape of a heart on the bathroom mirror with them.
    Love Notes

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  3. I saw this cute idea of buying a box of donuts (which my husband LOVES) and on the inside top of the box write, “I donut know what i’d do without you!
  4. I love this card from that says “Today I have loved you for _______ days and I’ll love you for a million more.” Click on the link to download your copy and insert you number of days.

Love Notes

What are your favorite love notes ideas for Valentine’s Day?

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