Making A Style Statement

Yves Saint

My passion as an image consultant is to inspire clients to make a style statement that truly captures the essence of who they are and who they want to be every day.

Fashion is synonymous with Style; yet both are distinctly different.   Fashion is what you see in the magazines, on the runway, the latest trend etc. and Style is a distinctive way of putting it all together. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be a slave to fashion to be stylish; you just need to know what looks fabulous on you and then find a way to create your signature style.

Accessories are THE best way to put the ‘wow’ in your style statement.  Accessories are to clothes what frosting is to a cupcake…. it’s amazing how you can transform an outfit (or a cupcake for that matter) by changing up the ‘toppings’.

The key to any stylish wardrobe is Accessories and after years of working with clients,  I decided to launch my own Accessories Lounge so that I could have the very best all in one place instead of running from store to store.  It’s a convenient and fun styling experience for my clients.

Book your private appointment in the Accessories Lounge to shop the best jewelry, handbags and scarves from NY and LA!


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