March Client Spotlight

Lisa Jasper

lisa jasperCo-founder and Managing Partner at Thought Ensemble
Mother of 2 children
KBIE client for 3 years

What’s your clothing item/accessory must-have of the moment?

“I love my purse and everything inside, especially my wallet, the cases on my electronics and my business card holder. You wouldn’t believe what the inside of my purse looked like before Keri got ahold of it. I feel so much more organized and put together now when I meet people for coffee and lunch! ” 

Favorite local hotspot?

“My husband and I love Cherry Creek Grill.  They have delicious food, fantastic wine by the glass and great service that’s kid friendly.”

Tell us more about your lifestyle….

“I work out of my home, but I’m out and about most every day.  Some days I’m in and out of my car all day meeting potential clients and networking contacts for coffee or lunch.  Some days I’m traveling around the city or country working with clients at their offices.  I spend lots of time with senior executives, interviewing them, working together on whiteboards and presenting reports.  Since I work from home many days, I’m lucky enough to get to eat lunch with my toddler and cuddle with my baby when I take a break from work.  Socially, we do lots of activities with the kids, including adventures out (the zoo, Costco) and play dates with friends.  We do date nights too, but these days we keep them pretty casual. ”

Why did you decide to use KBIE?

“In my first consult with Keri, she looked at my closet and very quickly figured out the core of my challenge.  I wasn’t wearing many of my clothes because they weren’t “comfortable”.  She also gave me very practical advice about the types of clothes I needed to work with my lifestyle, which quickly shifts between drooling kids and senior executives.  She also had a great approach for building a wardrobe that would work through pregnancy and beyond.  I gained and lost 50 pounds with each pregnancy and she was able to find bargains on the clothes I wouldn’t wear for long.”

How did you feel about your style before you went to KBIE?

“I played it safe for work – I had an extensive wardrobe of jackets and pants that I mixed and matched and bought all from one store that was inconveniently located in Dallas.  It worked fine, but I was getting bored with it, especially because I wanted some more casual options for certain networking meetings and casual dressed clients.  Let’s not even go into what I wore “around the house” and on weekends taking care of the kids!”

And now?

“I have more fun with what I wear.  I trust that it looks great and if I’m concerned about an outfit in general or need help pulling something together for a specific event I have someone I trust to call.”

Why is it important for you to look amazing everyday?

“I meet a lot of new people.  I work with CEOs and junior people and I need to build trust with them quickly.  Clothes that are “too much” or “not enough” can be distracting.”

Tell us about your experience working with KBIE….

“It is easy and FUN!  I’m always excited about what she picks for me and my wardrobe is so much more functional now.”

What would you say is the biggest change in your life, after using KBIE?

“I walk in my closet and am inspired versus frustrated!  Once I’m dressed, I don’t actually think about it anymore… “

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