Midweek Inspiration

Looking for a little midweek inspiration? It’s the second Wednesday of January and already I’m noticing people everywhere back in their routines. Here’s some things I do to bust out of my routine and get inspired.

Take a music break.

There is nothing like shifting the energy of the day by blasting your favorite playlist. As I’m writing this I’m blasting Pandora’s “Today’s Adult Hits Radio” which always plays great current songs that make me want to dance!

midweek inspiration

Get some fresh air.

This always helps me when I need a little extra inspiration. Whether it’s taking a walk down the street to Starbucks and checking out a new store I’ve never been in or going for a run, either way, my mind is always left clearer.

Midweek Inspiration



Take a moment to imagine what your life will look like when you’ve attained your New Year goals!  Wowza that body looks hot.


Get Excited!

This may sound weird or corny but sometimes I just like to clap really loud or raise my arms in the air and shout YES!  It’s amazing how much this shifts my energy and gets me excited again. I can even see clearer.

midweek inspiration


Something to look forward to.

Schedule lunch or happy hour with a good friend or your favorite client. I love having something to look forward to.

Midweek Inspiration

Look Gorgeous.

Spend a little extra time in the morning on your hair or makeup. When you look cute, you feel cute and are more likely to conquer the world (or just your world).

Midweek Inspiration

Change things up.

Go to a new place for lunch. Drive a different way home. Sit in a different place while you work. Anything, but change it up!

Midweek Inspiration


What will you change up this week?  Let’s do this!

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