Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts

Isn’t it funny how mom’s know exactly what to get everyone as a gift for every occasion but shopping for them can sometimes be difficult and a bit stressful? I mean, what kind of present can we get her that doesn’t fall in the cliche options of flowers, a Pandora bracelet, or your normal spa day? What’s something that she can truly appreciate and remember? Well, being a mother myself, here are a few Mother’s Day gifts and ideas that I’m sure she will love, treasure and put to use.

My Ideal Mother’s Day

One thing I thought would be great was to give you an idea of what my ideal mother’s day would entail. (And yes, I do realize that it’s a total fantasy.) That way, it can spark some ideas on what to plan for your wife’s special day. Mine would go a little something like this.

I’d wake up to my husband and my daughter giving me a sweet little gift of scent. Something like NEST Fragrances ‘Bamboo’ Reed Diffuser. I’m big on scents and love candles but rarely light them. I think I’m always scared I’ll rush out of the house and forget to blow them out. Therefore, I have a closet full of candles. I feel like a diffuser is the perfect alternative. But moving forward, after a lovely Mother’s Day gift surprise in the morning, I walk into the kitchen with breakfast already prepared followed by a little relaxation. Then, when it’s time for lunch, my husband surprises me by taking me to my favorite restaurant and then sends me off to get a massage, which so happens to be a prelude to a nice little pedicure. Of course, after a full day of being catered to, my husband yet again plans dinner by setting up a romantic little dinner table for three in the backyard with grilled salmon and veggies. With the day winding down, my daughter gives me a precious Mother’s Day gift that she created before giving me hugs and kisses for the night. Following the royal treatment, my husband takes on the bedtime routine of getting Stella ready for bed while I cozy up and recap the wonderful day with a great glass of wine and some dark chocolate.

This would be my ideal Mother’s Day (as I’m sure is the same for other mothers as well) because as moms, we usually never get a day off. Even if we are out of the office, we are always doing something, whether that’s picking up the house, taking care of the kids or running errands. We are always occupied. So giving her the day off is perfect! Mom’s are also very sentimental and treasure anything their kids make for them. So a great little idea would be to send your little one off with someone crafty like your nanny, grandparent or a trusted adult to take them to a place where they can create something special for mom for Mother’s Day. An example would be a pottery place where they can make something special and memorable she can hang up on the wall.

Now, if you are looking for additional gifts to surprise her for her special day, I’ve compiled a few others I know she’ll love this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Robe – Most women don’t often buy themselves a robe but is something they all want to have. Quite frankly, I believe that this is a necessity for everyone. I mean nothing feels better than a beautiful, luxurious robe when relaxing. This is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, especially if you’re planning for her to have a day off and spend that time unwinding.

Mother's Day Gifts

Vivis Gabriella Long Silk Robe, $350.00

Silk Pillow Case – I personally have one and love it! This silk pillowcase feels amazing at night and is something I recommend everyone should have. Give this little luxury as a great gift for Mother’s Day and I’m sure she’ll be excited to try it out. I also did a detailed review on this product on my Beauty Sleep post if you have any questions about it.

Mother's Day Gifts

Slip Silk Pillowcase, $79.00

Alex and Ani Jewelry – Instead of the typical Pandora bracelet for Mother’s Day, get your mom a unique piece of bangle form Alex and Ani. They have fun and interesting jewelry that have meaning behind each piece that will sure to stand out from the norm.

Mother's Day Gifts

Alex and Ani Infinity Mom Wrap Bracelet, $48.00

Apple iPad Mini 2  – What better gift than an Apple iPad Mini 2. It has everything that mom will need for Mother’s Day! This ones pretty self explanatory so I’ll leave it at that.

Mother's Day Gifts

Apple iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display, $243.99

The Perfect Tote – What woman doesn’t want the perfect tote to go with every outfit? This season, navy is the new black and a neutral that goes with anything and everything in your closet. For Mother’s Day, order one of our navy totes from The Accessories Lounge to say thank you for all that she does.

Mother's Day Gifts

Accessories Lounge Navy Bags, $120.00

I hope these ideas helped you. Make sure to thank your mom for Mother’s Day and show your appreciation by giving her one of these Mother’s Day gifts. Happy early Mother’s Day to all my fellow mommies out there! Also, don’t forget to forward this post to your signifiant other for these amazing ideas and feel free to share with your girlfriends.


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