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As I was flipping through the current issue of Vogue today, I came across this ad for Macy’s. When I saw this outfit I thought, “wow, that’s really cute….on someone.” In that moment I was brought back to why it’s so important to have a personal style. You see, there are a lot of looks that I like, that I could never wear. That’s because each of us has a unique personality which translates into a unique style for us to express ourselves. For instance, at this moment I would never wear gladiator sandals and a bohemian outfit. It’s just not me. But, as I change and evolve, maybe someday I would be able to pull it off. Not likely, but I like to keep my options open. Remember this golden rule when it comes to your personal style: Don’t buy clothes because they look great on someone else or a mannequin, but rather buy clothes that fit who you are and your personality right now. 

Personal Style


Personal style is exactly that. PERSONAL. It’s an opportunity to have the world see who you are on the inside through how you look. Your personal style is a direct reflection of who you are. So, when shopping and curating your personal style, always abide by these rules:


Figure out who you are and how people would describe you. Then, when you are looking at clothing, ask yourself if they match who you are. Just because something looks cute, doesn’t mean that it’s your style. Even though that fringe top is super cute on the model, if you are a simple gal, skip it unless you want to look like Pocahontas. Now, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t open to new looks. But, if your personal style doesn’t resonate with it, it means you won’t likely wear it or feel good in it.

Style, Not Fads

Just because it’s currently trending and all the rage, doesn’t mean that it fits your personal style. As Yves Saint Laurent said himself, “Fashions fades, style is eternal.” Following the trends doesn’t solidify your personal style. If you are known for wearing blazers with flared jeans that scream sophisticated, you shouldn’t go out and replace your wardrobe with crop tops and body con skirts because that’s the new “it” look from Hollywood. If it doesn’t scream you…..forget it.

Friend Suggestions

Just because your friend loves the printed skinny jeans and she looks great in them, doesn’t mean you should buy them. Her sense of style may not necessarily resonate with yours. Also, remember that body types make a huge difference in personal style. She may be 5’11 with legs for days while, you may struggle to reach 5’6 with heels (like me). Hips, height, bra size, and others I won’t mention, have a significant impact on what looks good. Sometimes friends point out cute outfit ideas but when we try them on, we don’t feel the greatest. Avoid pleasing others if you don’t feel good in the clothes yourself.

Here are some of my favorite bloggers that have perfected the art of personal style

personal stylePhoto Credit: @chrisellelim

personal stylePhoto Credit: Instagram @weworewhat

personal stylePhoto Credit: @emilyschuman

personal stylePhoto Credit: Instagram @negin_mirsalehi

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