Psychology of Color

pschology of color 2Did you ever notice that the color you wear affects not only your mood but also how people interact with you? What many people don’t know is that there is a science to the psychology of color. Especially in fashion. The colors that you wear, whether color blocked or monochrome, gives off a certain persona and vibe. Now that you are aware of this, you will notice how certain colors can help you achieve your goals. It’s very important to tailor the color of your clothes to certain events that you will be attending. First, make sure to know which colors look good on you and what image you would like to portray. Then from there, determine which color is best suited for you for that day. Here’s what I mean:


If you want to appear powerful and give yourself a boost of confidence, wear the color red. People will instantly take notice.  Think stop sign. You always notice them. Red is such a great pop of color that it immediately makes you stand out. This would be great for large conferences a business meeting or even a hot date. Why do you think we always wear red lipstick when we are feeling bold and daring?

Psychology of Color in Fashion

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Yellow is a bit opposite of red in that it’s what we call a “passive” color. If you are wanting to appear happy and amicable, yellow is your color. It’s not a color for everyone but it is a beautiful color on the right skin tone and is great for fun summer dresses. It definitely addresses the happy factor if you can pull it off.

Psychology of Color in Fashion

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It’s something that’s overlooked quite a bit but there is power in the color blue. Everyone looks great in it, regardless of its shade.  Blue portrays the image of trust and openness. So when you’re meeting a client for the first time, blue is a great color to have on. It’s inviting and peaceful. Think silently powerful in the way people will want to talk to you and are attracted to you.

Psychology of Color in Fashion

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Like the color blue, green has various tones that can look great on a lot of people. Finding the right shade can really accentuate skin tones, hair color and eyes. It’s a great color to invoke balance and is very calming.

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A great attention grabber and energy booster is the color orange. As I mentioned in my Spring Inspiration – Orange post, this vibrant color is known to create feelings of happiness and energy. It psychologically invokes optimism and gives you a rush of rejuvenation. So if you are looking to attend an event or host a party, look to orange.

Psychology of Color in Fashion

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I hope that this helped! So the next time you want to take control of your image, remember that colors play a big part in how you are approached and how you want to be portrayed


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