September Client Spotlight

Sonia McCloskey


Financial Advisor at Edward Jones Investments
The Style Studio by Keri Blair Client for 5 Years

What’s your clothing item or accessory must-have of the moment?

“A great dress with incredible jewelry!”

Favorite local hotspot?

“The Lounge Bar at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Denver”

Tell us more about your lifestyle…

“I am a very, very busy lady.  I do not have kids, but I am always with clients, meeting prospective clients, going to dinners, cocktail parties, or getting in a great workout with my trainer.   I need to get all that energy out somehow!  I enjoy spending time with my husband and my downtime.  It allows me to recharge, reconnect with myself, nature and the love of my life.”

Why did you decide to use The Style Studio by Keri Blair?

“I needed to have someone from the outside tell me directly what it is that I look good or bad in.  After all, I am European and we do not beat around the bush.  If I look bad in something, I want to know and if I look good, Keri will duplicate it.  Keri is always right.”

How did you feel about your style before you went to The Style Studio by Keri Blair?


And now?

“Classy, sophisticated, and ready to take over the boardroom!”

Why is it important to you to look amazing everyday?

“I have worked very hard and I deserve it.  Also, first impressions are always very important to me.  Since my business is very serious, I want to let my clients know that they will be taking care of by a very professional team.”

Tell us about your experience working with The Style Studio by Keri Blair…

“I love the amount of time everyone spent with me.  I felt like I was at the Dior or Chanel boutique in Paris.”

What would you say is the biggest change in your life after using The Style Studio by Keri Blair?

“My wardrobe.  It looks incredible.  I feel like I can take over the world!”

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