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Signature Scent


Finding a signature scent is just as important and memorable as having a signature style. I always get asked, how do you figure out how to find your signature scent? How do you know when it’s the one? Well, here are my two major points to finding that perfect scent that is truly yours.

What Scents Do You Most Enjoy?

The first step to figuring out your signature scent is determining what scents you most enjoy. Simple right? But you’d be surprised how often people try to force smells they think others like, rather than what they like. So test out that cute button nose and figure out if you like roses, lavender, vanilla, or a musky scent. What undertones do you gravitate towards? Personally for me, I’m not a big fan of bergamot so I try to stay away from fragrances that have that as its dominant smell. Now, if you aren’t quite familiar with the categories, let me give you a quick breakdown.

  • Floral – sweet and feminine made from flowers like roses, violet, jasmine, lavender and lily
  • Oriental – exotic and made from spices like pepper, cloves, cinnamon and vanilla
  • Woody – light top notes and musky made from sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss
  • Fresh – citrus and fresh made from lemon, orange and bergamot


Just like with personal style, personality has a big impact on your signature scent. If you have a bold personality, you’re not going to want a floral scent. That doesn’t fit. Instead, you’re going to want something that’s more bold and edgy. Don’t force yourself to like a perfume because it’s the new “must have” on every editor’s list or because your best friend uses it. (I remember when everyone was wearing Angel and I never liked the smell.) Find a signature scent that fits who you are. After all, how you smell says a lot about you. It’s funny because when I was talking to my assistant, we were discussing what my signature scent was and came to the conclusion that I love spice and citrus. It made a lot of sense because I have a good mixture of fire and life in me.

Keep in mind though, that just because you have found your signature scent, doesn’t mean that you can’t have another one for special occasions. I personally wear Illicit by Jimmy Choo or Allure by Chanel for everyday. But then when I’m wearing something ultra feminine, I love to wear Carthusia Lady that I found in Capri two years ago. This is because it has a sweet and persuasive floral Chypre fragrance that surrounds you with a hint of ylang-ylang and rose petal.

Here are my favorite picks for fragrances to get you started.

Signature Scent

Illicit by Jimmy Choo, $85.00

Signature Scent

Allure by Chanel, $124.00

Best Summer Fragrance

Carthusia Lady, $153.00

Miss Dior

Miss Dior by Dior, $100.00

Signature Scent

For Her L’solu by Narcisco Rodriguez, $124.00

If you already have a signature scent, I’d love to know what it is!

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