Smart Shopping Tips

Tis the season for holiday shopping and gift giving.  It’s that time of year to think less of ourselves and more of others.    However, even if you head to the mall with a mission to check gifts off your shopping list,  it’s easy to get sidetracked.  First, you’re checking out the shiny gold watch you’ve been saving up to buy your husband, then the next thing you know the large red letters “S.A.L.E.” are drawing you near your favorite clothing section.  If you want to stay focused this season, while still treating yourself to a little something special, check out our smart shopping tips below.

1.  Get over the impulse.  Put the item on hold, then if you are still fantasizing about it after 24 hours, it’s meant to be yours!

2.  If it doesn’t fit now, don’t buy it.  Even though it may be the last dress in your favorite color and 80% off, that doesn’t mean it should be hanging in your closet.  Simple tailoring is ok, but if it’s way too big or small, save your money for a garment that shows off your figure in all the right places.

3.  Classics are keepers.  Rather than spending the mula on trendy pieces that last you a season, invest in clothes and accessories that you can see yourself wearing at least a few years from now.

4.  Check on the return policy.  Before you allow the cashier to swipe your credit card, make sure you know how many days you have to take your purchase(s) back.  Department stores are usually 30 days and boutiques have a stricter policy, sometimes items are final sale.

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