Snow Day

“SNOW DAY!” Are there words any better than this? Growing up I used to love those words because it meant no school and I could play with my friends all day. As an adult, it quickly evolved to a “work from home” day, which is not the original purpose.  I believe the purpose of a snow day is to play hooky, have fun and do things you wouldn’t normally do. So, thank goodness I have a 3 year old at home to remind me of the true nature of a snow day. Today in Denver was just that, an opportunity to savor the day, play together, go sledding and have lunch with some friends in the neighborhood, all on a typical Tuesday. It was such a blast for Stella and I, but came with its fashion challenges that I quickly overcame.

Snow Day Fashion Challenges

Dare I admit that I live in Colorado and don’t ski? Or, that I’ve lived in Colorado for 19 years now and don’t even own ski pants or a jacket. I know it’s crazy, but when you don’t have a reason to play in the snow, there is no reason to own one … until now. For today, I pulled it together as best as I could. I wore 2 pairs of yoga pants along with my husband’s waterproof soccer pants, a long sleeve t-shirt, thin jacket followed by a fleece jacket and puffy coat. Oh, it gets better, I thought my head would stay warmer if I wore 2 hats so I wore my beanie with a head wrap over it to keep my ears really warm. I then finished it off with some tall snow boots and some warm gloves. Man, I looked good. I’m laughing really hard because we met my girlfriend to go sledding in the neighborhood with her daughter and she is perfectly put together with her gorgeous ski jacket and pants. Her daughter also had her own set of ski wear along with a helmet and goggles. Okay, so I’ve found another place where I am clearly not the most fashionable.

Snow Day

We are ready for action despite that she can barely walk through the snow!

Snow Day

Here we go down the hill on our sled!

Snow Day

Now this is a little girl who’s parents know snow!

Snow Day

We did it! Almost 45 minutes of sledding and walking up a big hill with no tears!

Snow Day

That was a lot of work! Time for lunch.

What is your favorite snow day activity?

PS, I’m online shopping for some snow pants and a jacket right now!

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