Spring Clean your Makeup

Now that we’ve gone through our closets and switched out our wardrobes for spring, it’s time to do the same and spring clean your makeup bags.  (If you haven’t worked on your wardrobe and need help, check out our blog, Spring Cleaning Your Closet.)  There are probably items in your makeup bag that you no longer use, should no longer use, or need to update.  I recommend assessing everything.

Spring Clean your Makeup

Here are a few quick tips to help you make the transition.

Brushes – If the bristles are falling off on your face or there is a big gap in the center, these are good signs that it’s time to replace them.

If you aren’t in the habit yet, make sure you wash your brushes once a week.  We recommend washing them with shampoo, dawn, or bar soap.  Then, lay them flat to dry.


Eye shadow – If you are worried about looking old, stay away from shimmer.  We love this custom palette by Laura Mercier.  It’s light on the shimmer.


Foundation – It is your friend.  But it isn’t meant to slather on but rather it’s buildable.  Put a little on at a time.

For summer to lighten up your skin routine, use a tinted moisturizer.  This will even out the skin tone while being light weight.

Bronzer – Go light, less shimmer is more.

Mascara – It’s important to replace your mascara every 3 months.  It will start to smell bad.

Lips – Brighten your color this spring with a juicy tone like Rosé or Orchid gloss from Laura Mercier.  These tend to look good on any skin tone and it goes on sheer so don’t be afraid of the pop of color.

Lastly, maybe it’s time for a refresher.  If you’ve never had a makeup lesson or even if you have and it’s been awhile, I think it’s a great idea to freshen up your look periodically.

Spring Clean your Makeup


Jessica, our amazing makeup artist with Danielle our amazing client!

Spring Clean your Makeup

We love Jessica!  She’s so much fun and an amazing makeup artist!  Call us at 303-575-1606 to book a lesson with her today!



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