Spring Detox

Spring is upon us and although we are used to spring cleaning our house and our closets, let’s not forget to also do a spring detox of our bodies. Sometimes we need to revisit our New Year’s resolutions and make sure we are on track. If we aren’t, the best way to go about it is cleansing our bodies from all the toxins we’ve accumulated to get a clear mind and get back to our goals. January and February are typically harsh on our bodies because we try to undergo a radical transformation in a short amount of time. We try to “get the body we want” or let our careers consume us to achieve our goals immediately. We become overzealous in accomplishing everything on our checklist that we often forget to rest and recharge. As a result, we put a lot of stress on our bodies and typically take a few steps back from the traction we’ve gained. So, to remedy that, here are my tips (that I have all personally tried by the way) on a fabulous spring detox to recharge your body.

Detox baths 

Spring Detox

Photo Credit: One Good Thing by Jillee

There is nothing more relaxing than a warm detox bath. Not only does it feel good, it helps remove the toxins that have built up in your body. One of the detox baths that I have tried and loved, I actually got from One Good Thing by Jillee. Her Ultimate Detox Bath worked for me and I think it will work for you too. Here’s the recipe:

  • 2 cups Epsom Salt (or Sea Salt) – draws out toxins from your body while relieving aches and pains.
  • 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar – soothes and soften dry, itchy skin while balancing and neutralizing the body’s pH.
  • 1/2 cup Bentonite Clay  – stimulates the lymphatic system to deeply cleanse the body’s largest breathing organ, the skin.
  • 5-10 drops of your favorite Essential Oil – lavendergeraniumsandalwood, and ylang ylang are all known for their detoxifying properties.

Run your bath water as hot as you like. Add your “ingredients” and agitate to dissolve. Soak for 20-40 minutes. Drink a full glass of water when you’re finished.

Suddenly Slimmer Wraps

These wraps are used by celebrities and there are various reviews on youtube from Ellen DeGeneres and Tyra Banks that provide a visual explanation of how they work. Essentially the Suddenly Slimmer wrap is a wrap that goes around the entire body to detoxify it. Before the wrap goes on, the technician first measures your body in several areas so that they can compare the measurements at the end to see how many inches you lost. Once the numbers are taken, they wrap your body from head-to-toe in ace bandages that are soaked in high concentration of mineral solution. The minerals are the building block of the body and the process of hydrating the body with minerals helps to flush out toxins that are caused by consuming too much salt, sugar, carbohydrate and alcohol. While you are in the wrap, you exercise. Think elliptical machine. The entire detoxification process takes about an hour but helps to lose inches off your body. Also, according to Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa, the wrap is guaranteed to remove 6 to 30 inches from the body in the very first visit. This I can attest to as I noticed how loose my dress was when I walked out of the appointment.

Body Brushing

I’ve talked about this method of detoxing in detail on a previous post called Dry Brushing but I believe it is worth mentioning again. There are just so many benefits to this! I remember after coming back from our beach vacation awhile back, I started peeling on my shoulders and my skin looked really dry. So I decided to pull out my dry brush and get to work on making my skin glow again. Naturally, this method worked like a miracle. It’s something I do almost daily to make sure that my skin is in great condition.

Foot Bath Detox

Spring Detox

It’s interesting that not a lot of women think to do a foot bath detox, but this is actually another great way to remove toxins from your body and help you feel rejuvenated, believe it or not. The Ionic detox foot bath is one option that helps provide an efficient but thorough body cleanse. This method is faster than any herbal or fasting protocols and doesn’t stress you out. In fact, it actually does quite the opposite. It’s a very relaxing process where a machine is placed in the water where your feet are located and when turned on, it pulls out all of the toxins from your body.

This foot bath is an effective method to remove toxic waste internally and helps in aiding the liver, joints, lymph, cells and kidneys. This not only targets one aspect of your body but affects everything else. Your skin looks better, you have more energy, and you are able to focus better. Another great thing about a foot bath is that it benefits EVERYONE! However, I do recommend to talk to your doctor before undergoing a detox. Those with pacemakers or heartbeat regulation drugs, wearing any battery operated or electrical implant, organ transplants, persons taking medications for psychotic episodes or seizers, or pregnant or lactating women should not do a detox foot bath.

Infrared Body Wraps

The infrared body wraps is another detoxifying method that can help heal and recharge your body. The infrared body wrap warms the body at the core (from the inside out). It can penetrate 1-2 inches heating areas where fats and toxins have been stored without generating uncomfortable heat on the surface of the skin. As many fats and toxins are soluble at temperatures of just over 100 degrees, these fats and toxins, including cholesterol, heavy metals and acids, can be dissolved and excreted through our sweat or kidneys. It’s because of this that it helps burn up to 1,200 to 2,500 calories per wrap–definitely a plus for those with hectic schedules that are unable to make time for the gym on a regular basis. Along with burning those unwanted calories, this treatment will reduce cellulite, tighten your skin, lose inches and help with pain management. The heat that is directed on your body reaches the bone which then promotes blood circulation and alleviate the pain. Even other pains like arthritis is relieved with the help of an infrared body wrap.

Those are my favorite ways to detox my body and help my mind get back on track by removing toxins that have accumulated inside. I’d love to hear what you do to rebalance.
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