How to Get Out of a Summer Slump

It’s the middle of summer.  The temperature is pushing 100 degrees.  And we don’t have a holiday to look forward to until the beginning of September.  For some, all these factors can play a huge role in our mood, bringing us down and even into a summer slump.  If this sounds like you, we suggest you read on.  We created 7 top ways to dig yourself out of that rut and recharged.

1.  Spray tan – Add a little color to your skin and you’ll be glowing from the inside out.

2.  Makeup refresher – If you are still wearing the same ole colors, now could be the time to change it up.  Try out a new lipstick (like raspberry), bronzer, or even a navy mascara.  You’ll be surprised at what a little switch in your makeup regime will do for your mood.

3.  Juice cleanse –  Maybe you’re feeling bloated because you’ve been throwing back way too many cocktails at your favorite neighborhood patio or maybe you’re feeling sluggish from all the desserts you’ve indulged in.  Well then a juice cleanse could be your perfect pick me up. In just three to five days, you’ll be saying goodbye to your balloon belly and tiredness and hello to flat abs and energy.

4.   New hairstyle – If you have been tossing up your hair in a pony tail or a bun more than normal, then it could be time to give yourself a new dew.  And if laziness is your main reason, ask the hairstylist to give you a cut that is quick and easy to maintain.  This should inspire you to style your hair every day.

5.  Teeth whitening – With new pearly whites, you’ll be wanting to flash that smile all across town.  And it’s proven that the more you smile the happier you become.

6.  Different workout regime – If you’re getting bored going to the gym, it’s that time to change up your workout routine.  Take a new fitness class, mix up machines and weights, or take your workout to the great outdoors.

7.  Throw a party – Maybe all you need is good friends and good times.

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