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Whether you are busty, flat chested, full in the middle, have fuller thighs, or any other body challenges, swim wear can be the most challenging of all your wardrobe needs.  It seems like every woman who needs a new bathing suit tends to put it off, roll their eyes, or dread the process because they don’t know where to begin. With so many options, it can be overwhelming.  My advice is to start by embracing your body.  It is what it is and wishing it were different never changes it.  If you learn what your figure flaws are (assuming you aren’t a model and do have some) you can better learn to look great in swim wear.


Busty – If this is you, here are some styles that I recommend to keep the girls in their place.

Cup sizing is always a plus as you won’t tend to fit into S M L sizing.
Halter tops
Tops with thick straps
Stay away from string bikinis as you will hang out.  Unless that’s the look you are going for.

[av_one_third first]swim wear

Lole Kapiti Underwire Top, $50.00[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]swim wear

Carve Designs Timor Bikini Top, $52.00[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]swim wear

Jantzen Harbour Beauty Twist Front Tankini, $88.00[/av_one_third]


Flat chested – This is a term that is definitely in the eye of the beholder.  I consider this an A or small B cup.  Here are some tops that will make you look more balanced.

Use padding

I love these push-up pads from Bravo that balance out your top like a push-up bra would.  I recommend having them sewn into your top so they don’t move around.

[av_one_half first]pad 1

Bravo Triangle Push-Up Pads, $12.00[/av_one_half]

[av_one_half]swim wear

BECCA by Rebecca Virtue It Girl Halter Top, $64.00[/av_one_half]

[av_one_third first]swim wear

Trina Turk Nuevo Sol Bandeau One-Piece, $140.00[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]swim wear

Trina Turk Kon Tiki One-Piece, $148.00[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]swim wear

Trina Turk Kon Tiki Tankini, $100.00[/av_one_third]



Full in the middle – There are many great styles that will work!

One Piece
Ruching in the middle
High waisted bottom
Miracle suits that make you look a full size smaller

[av_one_half first]swim wear

La Blanca Desert Mirage Surplus Cross-Back Mio, $129.00[/av_one_half]

[av_one_half]small 3

Unique Vintage Audrey One-Piece, $88.00[/av_one_half]


[av_one_third first]swim wear

La Blanca Core Solid OTS Sweetheart Tankini, $89.00[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]swim wear


Vince Camuto Key West Style Pleated High Waste Bottom, $66.00[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]swim wear

Miraclesuit Side Course Temptress Top, $108.00[/av_one_third]



Full thighs- It’s a hard task to fully hide your thighs when wearing swim wear.  You could wear whatever you want for swim wear and have a wrap or skirt coverup next to you to put on each time you walk around or see the examples below.

Full coverage bottoms

[av_one_third first]swim wear

Vince Camuto Key West Style Pleated High Waste Bottom, $66.00[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]swim wear

Prana Sakti Swim Skirt, $65.00[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]swim wear

Miraclesuit Separates Skirted Bottom, $72.00[/av_one_third]


Remember in most swim wear, you will want to go up a size.

What are your tricks?




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