How to Switch Out Your Clothing For the New Season

Need a little help in getting your closet ready for fall?  We have you covered. From cleaning to organizing, we have several ways to help you switch out your clothing so that it’s ready to go for next year.  So it’s time to tuck away those little tank tops and sandals and start whipping out those sweaters and boots!  Check out our tips on ways to prep your summer clothes and shoes for storage below:

1.  Wash all of your clothes or take them to the dry cleaner.

2.  Neatly press or steam all garments.

3.  Polish or take shoes to the cobbler.

4.  Store all of your garments and shoes in the back  of a closet or in another closet.

5.  Bring out the fall! Organize your fall clothes into categories – tops, pants, skirts, dresses,etc.  Continue sorting each category from short to long (i.e. short sleeve to long sleeve tops).  Then if you are really ambitious, color coordinate each category.


If we can provide you with any help in switching out your closet, give us a call 303-575-1606. 

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